Here's What We Did

The Vancouver Men’s Chorus

Sprout Creative has been working for the Vancouver Men’s Chorus for many many years. We love working with them because they trust the design decisions we make and in turn we get full creative control of what we deliver to them. Aside from the whimsically illustrated posters you see above we do many things for the chorus, including web design and assistance, advertising, brochures, CD designs, book covers and much much more. We’ve just chosen a few of our favourite posters to display to show our illustrative and creative flare. What we create for the Men’s Chorus every season helps pave the way for their concert and production visuals to help drive concert sales and aid in creating a successful non-profit arts organization.

  • Illustration 100%
  • Graphic Design 100%
  • CD Design 100%
  • Book Cover Design 100%
  • Print Design and Layout 100%

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