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Carnival Cruises Piano Bar Artwork

Sprout Creative was approached by Carnival Cruise Lines to develop something unique for their Piano Bar on a brand new ship being built in Italy. We developed a unique technique utilizing invisible black light ink that would glow only at night when the bar was in low light mode. The people on the ship would walk through during the day and see photos of classic singers/ jazz musicians and then later at night they would be surprised to see the same oversized photos with the graphics glowing on and around the artists. The “invisible” art we created all complements the style and feel of the individual artist. Elton John got a flamboyant makeover with jewels and feathers, while Billy Joel got a cool Manhattan New York style vibe applied to his photo.

While each photo contains different graphics we still maintained a nice consistency with the overall graphic treatment for continuity. Developing this process required us to contact many printing companies to explain our idea and eventually source a company willing to tackle such a unique print application. This project required much coordination with the printing company in order to ensure absolute perfection in quality. Thus, sub-contractor management was paramount to meeting deadlines and delivering the product as we promised, meeting all specs and requirement details. The project was also unique in that the end client didn’t see the images until they were installed on the ship, which required perfect timing and execution so that all project parameters were met in time for the product to be shipped in a cargo container to Italy for the installation. Timing for delivery and quality control needed to be extremely fine-tuned in order to pull off this amazing project. Sprout Creative has now created artwork for 4 different ships, the most recent ship being launched in 2016. To Date we have done 12 unique pieces of art for Carnival Cruises.

  • Illustration 100%
  • Graphic Design 100%
  • Large Scale Print Design 100%
  • Multi Screening Print Processes 100%

Production Images, Piano Bar & Artwork

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